Benefits Of Trimming Hair Will Make You Surprised

Trimming is an extremely important grooming step to maintain the shine and overall health of your tresses. And it benefits you in ways more than one. This post will refer to some surprising benefits of trimming hair that you may not know.

Benefits Of Trimming Hair

1. Great for growth

benefits of trimming hair: great for growth


The benefits of trimming hair are immense.

When you trim your hair you are taking away the parts of your hair that are doing more damage than good.  This gives way to the ability for healthy hair to begin to grow.

If you have been struggling to maintain growth trimming could make a very big difference to you.

2. Get rid of split ends

Split ends are the frayed ends of your hair strands. They are the worst hair enemy as once you have them; there is no way to repair them. One of the best ways to get rid of split ends is by trimming them off.

If you’ve got that stressed outlook on your mane, then it’s time you got a hair trim. You will lose a few inches but in the long run, this cut will be more beneficial to your hair growth.

Excessive chemical treatment, bad grooming habits, and environmental exposure can lead to the thinning of hair, the formation of split ends, and breakage. Getting a trim can help in dealing with such hair damage.

How often to trim natural hair will vary from person to person.  Careful attention to your hair is the best guide on how often you need a trim. For some people trimming should be done every 3-4 months while for others with much healthier strands, it can be done less often.

3. Keep hair knot-free

Keeping your hair tangle-free is the most common bothersome issue faced by many women. Your detangling experience becomes tougher when you are adorning long tresses. Daily hair combing, use of harsh hair cosmetics, and extrinsic factors are enough to cause tangled hair texture. Mostly, detangling products such as serums, sprays, etc are everybody’s first choice as they give hair slip and smoothness in no time. However, many research studies explain that frequent use of such products can damage the cuticle and cortex of the hair, which finally leads to excessive hair fall.  In comparison, trimming your hair ends will keep the knots at bay and make your hair more manageable.

4. Control damaged hair (heat and chemical damage)

benefits of trimming hair: control damaged hair


Heat and chemical damage have adverse effects on hair leaving it brittle and weak. Brittle hair is more prone to develop split ends which cause breakage. If left neglected, split ends can develop further down the shaft leading to excessive loss of hair.

Trimming hair that is damaged by heat or chemicals can help in mitigating hair breakage. This can minimize the damage caused by progressive split ends and help in rejuvenating your hair back to its vibrant shine.

5. Minimize frizz

One of the best ways to deals with the annoying frizz is to trim hair.

Frizz results from dry hair absorbing moisture from the air causing each hair strand’s outer cuticle to swell up instead of lying flat. Other causes of frizz include humid wet weather which can make frizz conditions worse and wearing scarves and hats.

Frizziness can be a cause for alarm if your hair has damaged split ends. To keep frizz under control, trim your mane regularly.

6. Easier to style

One of the benefits of trimming hair is that it is easier to style. Having hair that is damaged or the ends just don’t look great makes styling that much more difficult because it is almost like working with 2 different textures of hair and not in a good way.

Damaged hair tends not to do what you want it too which makes styling a lot harder.

7. Keep hair healthy

keep hair healthy


By hair trimming sessions, you mostly get rid of damaged hair. Hereby, now you can focus on nourishing and pampering your healthy manes.  Babassu and murumuru butter have been recognized as wonderful natural ingredients for soft and silky hair.  Natural moisturizing properties not only make your hair healthy but also add natural shine and silkiness.

In conclusion, these are amazing benefits of trimming hair that you need to know.


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