Best Documentary Movies For Kids To Watch

You probably don’t consider non-fiction once you think about movies your kids will like, but the best documentaries for kids are as entertaining. They’re often more interesting and educational than most kids’ TV shows and films. These documentaries are entertaining, educational, and enlightening films which will set excellent standards for a life stuffed with meaningful movie watching. This post will refer to a list of the best documentary movies for kids to watch.

Best Documentary Movies For Kids

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

An IMAX movie, this film is one among the primary to clarify the role engineers play in transforming the globe. It’s a perfect flick for planting seeds during a child’s mind that STEM—short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—is actually pretty cool.

The topic could seem dry, but the approach the filmmakers took makes it absolutely entertaining. Kids will awe at the projects the engineers undertake and therefore the diversity of the boys and girls behind the scenes. It’s definitely an idea for the longer term and a noteworthy one at that.

Born to be Wild

Narrated as all wonderful things in this world should be by Morgan Freeman, “Born to be Wild” is a quick (40-minute) nature documentary about conservationists who adopt and lift displaced orangutans and elephants in Borneo and Kenya, respectively, preparing the animals for re-entry into their natural habitats. The stories are compelling, teaching valuable lessons about environmentalism and empathy, and also the animals themselves are wondrous. The film was originally released in IMAX 3D, but the stories don’t lose any of their impact — and potential to inspire — when viewed on the small screen.

Expedition China

best documentary movies for kids: Expedition China

Kids can witness a number of the toughest to achieve environments within the world with “Expedition China”. They get to the important, behind-the-scenes fight to make Born in China, and think about previously unseen footage of baby pandas, monkeys walking, and also the amount of effort put into making nature documentaries. Kids can see orphaned orangutans and elephants fight to survive — and also kids can see the those that help keep these precious animals alive.

Wings of Life

For a documentary which will come to life in your own backyard, few can beat “Wings of Life.” It explores the importance of pollinators in nature and demonstrates that flowers are over just pretty things.

With cinematic wonder, the film follows a bat, hummingbird, butterfly, and bee as they work to pollinate plants. The story comes around to how these small creatures affect human life. As we hear today that pollinators are endangered pollinators, it’s more important than ever for youths to grasp the vital roles they play.

Arctic Tale

best documentary movies for kids: Arctic Tale

This environmentally conscious documentary introduces you to the ice bear cub Nanu and also the seal pup Seela. It tells their stories as they struggle to survive within the Arctic while the ice cap melts thanks to heating.

The movie is harsh occasionally because of the realities of nature. Yet, it also can give children a keen and convincing awareness of the importance of caring for the environment.

A Beautiful Planet

The film Beautiful Planet was narrated by Jennifer Lawrence. Astronauts on the International orbiter captured fifteen months worth of footage of Earth. The documentary explores our small blue dot, the daily lives of the astronauts, the technology of space, and about the international cooperation between astronauts.

In The Shadow of the Moon

In The Shadow of the Moon

“In The Shadow of the Moon” may be a moving-picture show about NASA’s moon missions. It includes live interviews with the extraordinary astronauts who manned them, so it intertwines both history and science.

This captivating flick is full of magnificent footage from the foremost famous space journeys. whether or not you think that you’ve seen it all about the moon missions, this one will show you something new. It’s absolute to fascinate both you and your science-loving kids.

Girls Rock

Portland, Oregon’s Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for ladies may be a storied geographic region institution where rockers train young girls within the creation of shredding on stage. This fist-pumping documentary for teenagers follows four initially shy young ladies through their time camp. Feelings are laid bare throughout, but because the film unfolds, the ladies — and therefore the viewers — experience increased self-esteem via the encouragement of adults. By the time they take the stage, the film erupts into a feel-good triumph that may have all viewers — especially little girls — on their feet.

These are best documentary movies for kids to watch in their free time to get more knowledge around them.


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