8 Best Life Advices For Young Adults

Have any of us wondered, what does the word student in our hearts mean? As a university or college student, live with a certain purpose. Don’t let four years of college realize you can’t do anything. Then, Travellifez would like to give you the best life advices for young adults for your wonderful student years.

1. Best life advices for young adults – Let’s volunteer

Let's volunteer-best life advices for young adults
Let’s volunteer-best life advices for young adults

Let’s go to many places, help as many people as possible. Volunteering will help you see life more clearly in all aspects. To re-evaluate what I have, to appreciate my health and the people next to me more.

Let’s fulfill your heart by giving charity porridge at the hospital, teaching in poor rural areas, raising funds to help lonely families… Don’t always just know that you’re happy and dressed up. There are so many people out there who live day by day thanks to bowls of porridge at the hospital, literate thanks to the kindness of teachers and students….

Volunteering, you will be able to go everywhere in the country, where there is poverty and difficulty, there will be volunteers. You will learn to love people, empathize and share their burdens even if your dedication is nothing.

I’ve seen families get up early every morning to pick up ango of porridge, distributed by volunteer medical students. A bowl of white porridge with a few strands of meat is not worth much, but deep in their eyes are words of thanks and emotion. They took it for the whole family to eat on that day, the children ate it, and the mother ate it, even the people who went to take care of the sick.

Our whole group of volunteers cried happy tears during a donation of clothes for children in the mountains. There are still people who are too miserable, have no food to eat, no clothes to wear. The smiles of the people here are the strength for our charity trips.

2. Best life advices for young adults – Join the club

Join the club-best life advices for young adults
Join the club-best life advices for young adults

If you have artistic talent, give yourself a ticket to join that club. If you want to graduate fluently in English, join the group to exchange and learn with your friends. At a university, big or small, there are many clubs dedicated to each person. As a student, join at least one club. There you can meet many people and find people with the same passion as you.

In the clubs, you can also try your hand at management and leadership positions. It is the ideal training opportunity for your future work. If given the opportunity, take up a senior position. Your thoughts and vision will certainly be broadened.

3. Best life advices for young adults – Be confident in yourself

Be confident in yourself-best life advices for young adults
Be confident in yourself-best life advices for young adults

Join the school holidays instead of staying at home and watching movies. Be bold enough to sing songs you feel confident entering the school year to socialize with friends.

Don’t let yourself graduate and still don’t know all the names of your classmates, don’t dare confess to a friend you secretly like, or don’t feel once standing in front of the whole class to show your talent.

4. Best life advices for young adults – Learn with all your heart

Learn with all your heart-best life advices for young adults
Learn with all your heart-best life advices for young adults

Oh my, now that students graduate from school, they all work in different fields, so what’s wrong with this large society is that they don’t have a place. It is such thoughts that have killed you from the moment you entered the school.

Try for once in your life to know the overwhelming joy of being awarded a scholarship. Try to get a good degree for the school to honor. Whether you later work in the wrong industry or in the right industry, your degree is also a determining factor in whether an employer chooses you.

Never let the water reach your feet to jump, tomorrow you will have to look for books tomorrow. Don’t skip the actual test in exchange for an easier retake.

I immediately saw that the political exercise at the beginning of the year showed your laziness. Hundreds and thousands of friends came to the top of the school with a rush to hire someone to copy them, and they didn’t even bother to load up regardless of whether the school deducts training points or not.

Try to go to school fully, don’t forget to play, forget to go to school, sleep and go to school, eat and forget to go to school. Don’t go to school just waiting for the moment of attendance.

Don’t think that for 12 years you have been attached to school desks and chairs all day because of the pressure of your parents, now is the time for us to be free, it’s up to you to go or not. Students now live with the motto: “It’s too sunny, it’s raining, it’s too cold, it’s cool when it’s cool”. The school gives 2 days off, then 5 days off with the motto: “think about it today”.

5. Best life advices for young adults – Spend your money wisely

Spend your money wisely-best life advices for young adults
Spend your money wisely-best life advices for young adults

Don’t rush for iphone 13-14 while a samsung you can still take pictures, surf the web. Don’t go to expensive fancy places just because you want to take a fancy photo and post it on facebook. Don’t buy a million-dollar shoe while a few hundred doll shoes still take you here and there.

Do not gather all day to eat and drink because of unrelated days such as: a broken-hearted classmate, a neighbor at a wedding or the other singer and actress broke up with her lover while your parents were having to sell their face to the land and back to heaven to earn every grain of rice.

Let those coins buy the necessary tools and books for learning. Going to school away from home has too many things to worry about, so spend your money sensibly.

Don’t live like the beginning of the month with beef hot pot at the end of the month of noodles and shrimp. If you want to buy a phone to ask and spend money easily, try to work outside to feel and enjoy yourself.

6. Best life advices for young adults – Love to lose love but don’t be impulsive

love but don't be impulsive-best life advices for young adults
love but don’t be impulsive-best life advices for young adults

As a student you should love going once. Student love is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes heartbroken and cry. That’s not necessarily bad.

Around the inn, everyone has a lover, some friends in class have been in love for nearly 5 6 years, surfing facebook is also full of sweet and cheesy stories. You are too outdated compared to society and ignore a guy you love. But student love is seen as coming and going.

If you do not have enough faith, enough determination, enough economy, then love will never be sustainable. You can lock yourself in your room, cry all day, wonder what your fault is, allow your thoughts to torment and torment you. Do it for a week, months, or even years, no one will stop you. It is after this that you will find that falling in love gives you more strength, willpower and continues to live a new life.

I have witnessed my best friend’s child from a depression, demanding life and death until now, into a beautiful, mature and stable woman.

7. Best life advices for young adults – Get a job while you can.

Get a job-best life advices for young adults
Get a job-best life advices for young adults

There is a shipper guy who has met his current girlfriend thanks to the delivery job for her real clothes shop. There are beautiful friendships, sticking together month after year with the two words co-workers. Or there are those who can support themselves 3-4 years of college without parents. There are so many benefits from our part-time jobs nowadays.

What is overtime? is to do jobs in your free time from 3-6 hours a day depending on your study schedule. Don’t be in a hurry to think this job you can’t do, the other job pays too low. There are too many part-time jobs for you to choose from such as: cashier, tutor, restaurant server, leaflet distribution, etc.

You don’t need to keep trying to stick to one job. We have 4 years enough time to experience all the part-time jobs. Each part-time job will give us a different value and lesson. It will never be superfluous if we do not stop trying when working.

It’s a pity if you haven’t worked part-time while in college. A student should only do part-time, part-time jobs, but it’s so important that I think if I were the principal, I would make “part-time work” mandatory. Overtime doesn’t just give you money. Money is just a consequence.

Part-time work is an opportunity for you to throw yourself out to life, to be real. For the first time, you will be able to live your own life.

If you don’t work part-time, don’t know the difficulty of making money, don’t listen to others scold you when you’re wrong, don’t feel pain, you’re still just kids. A child cannot be a student.

Do you know why young people in the West grow up so early? Because they have to be independent when they graduate from high school. To cover college tuition, part-time work is an inevitable option. That’s why they perfect themselves.

8. Best life advices for young adults – Don’t try to fall into evils

avoid social evils-best life advices for young adults
avoid social evils-best life advices for young adults

Don’t think that just playing a game of kneeling, nothing. It is just fun and entertainment among friends and neighbors in the inn. Also don’t think 10k is not much if I put it in the lottery. Football games, betting times can destroy a family. Just think, don’t think, let alone do.

Social evils are like a whirlpool that many students suffer and can’t get out of, the consequences are months of living in anxiety, fear, boredom, family disappointment. Even, many students have to drop out halfway or pay with their lives.

As a student, don’t get involved in dangerous games. Don’t let all four years of schooling you only know the way home from school. It’s not that you’re proving yourself to be a docile student, you’re resisting the ups and downs of society. Don’t try to prove yourself to be a latecomer, be an active student both physically and mentally.

Hope the above best life advices for young adults will help you to be more firm in your decisions. Best wishes for your future success!

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