Grasshopper – The Best Call Management System for Small Business

To operate call management system for small business, many organizations today employ VoIP systems like Grasshopper. A virtual phone system that is reasonably affordable and geared at small enterprises and solopreneurs is called Grasshopper. You can make limitless calls, send SMS, record personalized greetings, and efficiently manage phone queues with Grasshopper, and that’s only the beginning.

In this Grasshopper review, Travellifez examine important aspects like cost, setup simplicity, call management capabilities, team collaboration tools, and customer service that you should take into account when selecting a VoIP operator. You can use our findings to decide if Grasshopper is the best call management system for small business.

What is a call management system?

A call management system (CMS) is a software application that helps wireless carriers manage the calls made through their networks. The system is used to track the location of each call, the type of call, and the duration of the call. The CMS also allows the carrier to generate reports on the calls that were made and the traffic that was generated by the calls. A call management system is made up of the tools, workflows, and routing procedures that your team uses to efficiently manage call volumes.

Why is Grasshopper one of the best call management system for small business?

What is Grasshopper?

A popular virtual phone solution called Grasshopper allows you to link your current line to its platform for improved management of corporate interactions. It works best for tiny teams searching for a VoIP system that is reasonably priced. Its reasonable prices, extensive call control features, and toll-free lines make it one of the top call management system for small business.

What is a call management system?

Outstanding Features

A trustworthy selection of features from Grasshopper can be added to your current phone systems. Most startups and solo firms can select the lower tier package and upgrade as their businesses grow because some features are included in all plans. The features of Grasshopper are listed below.

Mobile and desktop apps for Grasshopper

A PC and mobile app from Grasshopper makes the phone service portable. As long as you have access to your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you may place and receive business calls from anywhere.

These programs work with devices running Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The ability to distinguish between personal and commercial calls is one of the apps’ many noteworthy advantages.

Additionally, it is practical to have access to your call history so that you can quickly follow up on any missed calls. The apps offer a centralized dashboard where you can see all of your communications. Calls, messages, emails, voicemails, and video calls all fall under this category.

Virtual Telephone Numbers

Through the virtual phone numbers option, you can select a unique phone number for your company. By separating your personal and work affairs, you can further improve your professional image. The numbers that are offered include:

  • Local phone numbers—These help your brand stand out in your community and make it simpler for your company to draw in local customers.
  • Vanity phone numbers—Allow you to choose a number depending on the spelling of a term. For instance, you might make a custom number that uses the name of your company or item as the keyword. Your customers will find it simpler to remember your business number as a result.
  • Freephone numbers—Give you a more established and trustworthy image by allowing your customers to contact you without cost.

VoIP Calling

Users can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada with any Grasshopper package. Additionally, international calls are chargeable extras. You can hide your personal number and reveal your business number by using the calling card feature of Grasshopper. The calling features also make the following further functions possible:

  • Calls made using WiFi
  • Call transference
  • Forwarding calls
  • Phone add-ons
  • Hold music
  • Number blocking
  • Transcription of a voicemail

Your voicemails can be transcribed using this service and forwarded to your professional email address. You can also send them to your SMS inbox or virtual assistant. Even better, this capability enables keyword-based voicemail scanning for businesses. You can filter out the voicemails that are the most urgent with this real-time server.

Automated Greetings

A formal greeting can improve the perception of your company and give it a feeling of legitimacy and greater experience. You can record your IVR audio greetings using Grasshopper, or you can pay a fee to use the expert voice studio service.

Quick Response

It is simpler to take advantage of all accessible business chances thanks to the rapid response option. Every time you miss a call, the functionality automatically texts you to let you know. This communicates to your caller:

  • They have arrived at the right number.
  • Although you are not available right now, you will reply as soon as you can.

Extra Features

Grasshopper gives users the option to expand with add-on functionality. The following services can be added as your company grows to ensure that it continues to benefit from customized VoIP solutions without altering your service package.

  • With Ruby Receptionists, you may have a virtual receptionist to answer incoming calls and provide callers with a friendly and professional experience.
  • You can engage a professional to make polished, personalized call greetings using the video studio.
  • To cut down on call wait times and improve customer satisfaction, call blasting is activated.
  • International Calls: Reach out to your clients outside of the US and Canada by providing a customized international calling package.
  • Additional Numbers and Extensions – Customize your current plan to add more business numbers or extensions without altering your service package.

Why is Grasshopper one of the best call management system for small business?

The Pros and Cons of Using Grasshopper as call management system for small business


  • Strong and quick faxing abilities
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Personalized voicemail messages
  • 7-day risk-free trial
  • Multi Platform compatibility
  • All plans include all features.


  • Needs an active phone line
  • No capabilities for video conferencing
  • Less tools for collaboration
  • Does not offer free international calls
  • Insufficient fax capability
  • For complex requirements like business and customer information, it is too simple

Grasshopper Pricing

Three distinct programs from Grasshopper are perfect for new and small businesses. The lower-tier package, which costs $29 per month or $26 per month with an annual commitment, is priced differently from the other plans. Once your business expands and you require additional phone numbers or extensions, you can upgrade to the Partner or Small Business plan.

The fact that the tier packages have a single monthly charge makes Grasshopper’s pricing unique. There are no hidden fees because the invoicing procedure is simple. Additionally, you can customize your VoIP service by adding a variety of add-ons like a professional voice studio and call blasting to your subscription.


With exactly the right number of functions, VoIP service provider Grasshopper can meet the requirements of a call management system for small business . It also meets the requirements of one-person businesses and small startups looking to put up a professional phone system affordably. A risk-free way to test the service and see if it meets your company’s needs is the 7-day free trial.

So, does it work well for your company? We hope that our Grasshopper- the best call management system for small business review has given you some insight into the matter.

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