Interesting Summer Movies for Kids and Families

When you think of summer, you almost certainly consider working outside on long, hot days, catching fireflies on warm, starlit nights, kicking up sand on the beach or splashing around in a very lake. However, not all the nice things about summer happen outdoors. Summertime also lends itself nicely to some great movies, particularly coming-of-age and teenage summer movies. Here could be a list of the interesting summer movies for kids and families to look at.

Interesting Summer Movies For Kids and Families


summer movies for kids and families: Rio

Any film set in Rio de Janeiro is certain to give off some serious summer vibes. Plus, seeing all the gorgeous, brightly colored birds flying around will really inspire some warm weather wanderlust.

Your children are guaranteed to enjoy the catchy songs and also the entirely lovable animals, and also the plot, which centers around birds falling gaga, a global bird-napping/smuggling case, a spurned cockatoo who was fired from his acting gig in favor of a parakeet and one bird’s journey to first learn to fly then fly back home, isn’t half bad.

It’s a few decade old now, but this can be one animated movie that never goes out of style.

Dolphin Tale

Based on a real story, “Dolphin Tale” follows the progress of a dolphin named Winter who lost her tail, which was injured when she got caught in a very net. Despite her disability, Winter survived and eventually thrived. In the movie, a boy named Sawyer who is in academic session finds the dolphin all knotted up in an exceedingly fishnet. the great people from the Clearwater Marine Hospital take the dolphin to their facility, where Sawyer faithfully visits Winter and becomes friends with a lady named Hazel and her family. Winter the dolphin inspires Sawyer et al to beat their own personal trials.

The Perfect Game

summer movies for kids and families: The Perfect Game

This is one of the summer movies for kids and families to watch. “The Perfect Game” is all about baseball — America’s favorite summertime sport. In 1957, the Monterrey Industrial baseball league traveled all the way from their homes in Mexico to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA, with a giant and seemingly impossible dream. The determined group of players won the series with an ideal game. The movie relies on this true story and it’s inspiring to look at. The story also provides an excellent springboard to speak about topics like racism, religion, and overcoming trials.


The great thing about Moana is that not only is it an excellent summer movie, it also features an excellent summer soundtrack!

The plot is easy enough: Moana, the daughter of her village’s chief, is chosen by the ocean to undertake a sacred go after the goddess Te Fiti. Her dad isn’t thrilled about the concept, but Moana is strong-willed, independent and determined to try to do it anyway.

Although it isn’t a “typical” summer movie, it’s beautiful, stuffed with beaches, oceans and characters in light, summer clothing and grass skirts. If the setting and scenery during this movie don’t cause you to nostalgic for summer, nothing will.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Although there’s nothing about the original Alice in Wonderland cartoon from the 50s that’s overtly summer-like, I’ve still always thought of it as a summer film. This is often due in large part to the film’s bright, beautiful colors and vibrant visuals.

Alice is enjoying a warm, lovely day within the meadow together with her sister when she becomes bored and follows a talking rabbit down a hole into an entire new world. This world is filled with bright, vivid flowers, wild tea parties that happen within the middle of the day, crazy, dangerous croquet games with royalty and every one sorts of other misadventures that any young child would like to get into on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer 

School’s out and Judy Moody is prepared for a thrilladelic summer filled with awesome adventures! But, when she finds out that her parents are exploit and she or he and her brother are left reception with Aunt Opal, Judy’s hopes for the summer are crushed. After some depressed “roars,” Judy pulls herself out of it and determines to own the foremost thrill points for summer adventures irrespective of what. Supported the popular “Judy Moody” books, this movie will thrill school-age kids, especially people who are fans of the series.


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